What!! Some of Alaska’s Inside Passage under 60 dollars! Not kidding. Travel and Adventure Show Video

What!! Some of Alaska’s Inside Passage under 60 dollars! Not kidding. Travel and Adventure Show Video

Alaska’s Inside Passage on a budget

Parts of Alaska’s Inside Passage under 60 dollars Alaska Marine Highway System on a budget

At the top of my Bucket List: Alaska. When I looked into it, there is just ridiculous prices to experience it. So I buy lottery tickets and hope for the best. Postcard Travelers is all about crafting your own experience to get the best out of life and travel. Looking for the postcard picture perfect experience, maximizing my budget. When I met Lorene Palmer of Alaska’s Inside Passage I told her ‘You are my new best friend!” And pulled over my colleagues at Comcast Chabot 27 to interview her. You must listen to what she says. [Video Link]

Craft your own experience.
9 hour ferry ride Juneau to Sitka $53.00 Craft your own experience. More info @ PostcardTravelers.com

You can go from some of the most insanely beautiful locations in the world… the Inside Passage for under $60.00. What!! That’s right. Like we have a public bus and BART system, Alaska has a waterway transit system ‘The Alaska Marine Highway System’ (AMHS). It only makes since for the local community to be able to get from one town to the next. Not like you can drive over a glacier to get home. Example Juneau to Sitka is a 9 hour ferry ride around $53.00! Woot, woot, woot!

You can thank me later. Come to find out my mom took this transit system when she went to Alaska and drove her camper on the boat a bit more than just going on the ride. There are cabins you can sleep in as well. My fantasy is to, of course, kayak around the glaciers. I never even thought bringing my own car or motorcycle was a possibility. So I am in fantasy heaven working out the details! In the meantime, here is the interview with Eddie Hazzard (Chabot 27) at the Travel & Adventure Show and link to http://www.alaskasinsidepassage.com/ please let us know about your experience if you happen to go before me. Tips please! XOXO

Stacy Poulos


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PostcardTravelers Pop-Up Art show

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Come to my Pop-up Art Show Sunday! https://www.facebook.com/events/835039739889418/
Come to my Pop-up Art Show Sunday!

Event invite

Ascension Historical Society’s Art Exhibit
Featuring Stacy Poulos Photography

Link to Catalog of prints http://goo.gl/obc6RW

Come celebrate Greek Independence Day with the Ascension Historical Society Art Exhibit featuring Greek American Bay Area Artists.
$5 entrance fee for observers, this includes cheese, olives, wine/beverage of choice. Please RSVP so we know how many olives to bring.

March 29th, 2015 12:30 till 5pm
Located at
The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension in
Greek Orthodox Cathedral,
4700 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602
(Where they have the largest Greek Festival in Northern California).

Finally see in person photography from Stacy travels that are blogged http://www.PostcardTravelers.com/

Stacy will also have a rare photo of her Grandfather Achilleas Poulos Famous Greek Musician who Originated ‘Why I Came To America’ Capital Records

Join Stacy’s blog to get tips and updates of her journeys. From Greece to the SF Bay Area from a kayakers perspective of water front photography. (One which hangs on the wall of Lungomare‘s, One Broadway Oakland).

We are trying to decide what prints to bring. Prints of Greece, of course. What else would you like to see up close? If you have a particular interest in a subject She has taken let us know. We’ll see what I can do.

Some prints will be available for sale. 10% proceeds go to Ascension Historical Society.


List of Photography:
Bay Area Water Front
Catalina Island
France: Paris
Greece: Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Syros
Haiti: La Gonave, Anse-a-galets
Hawaii: Big Island
Italy: Roma, Florence, Venice

After reception in the lounge at 5:30pm till when ever at
Lungomare One Broadway Oakland
If you plan on having a sit down dinner please RSVP with Lungomare’s. (510) 444-7171

Tune in Live On the Radio …When you go places in the world, and you look through those postcards racks, I want you to think of me…

 StacyPoulos on ihear tRadio; WRNW1
Stacy Poulos on iheart Radio; WRNW1.

“When you go places in the world, and you look through those postcards racks, I want you to think of me.  The daydream of a 12 year old determined girl, staring at the rack with a used 35mm camera in her hand.  Dreaming about having her postcards on that rack someday. That was the seed that sparked the journey of PostcardTravelers.com and my career of film making” –Stacy Poulos

Tune in Tuesday March 10, 2015
4:36 PM Eastern / 1:36 PM Pacific
Atlanta’s Women Radio Network WRNW1 interviews PostcardTravelers Adventure Magazine’s Filmmaker / Photographer and Host Stacy Poulos about her dream life from childhood. (Also owner of Playback.net Video Film Multimedia and founder of Girlpages Network).

#WRNW1 is committed to empower female professionals as they navigate through the pathways to success.

(The recording will be available on this page after the show. )


“I love my job! It’s the most Stacy Poulos Photographyrewarding and fulfilling job I could ever imagine. I’m a great story teller, and I love when it all comes together, I levitate. When a client tells me their vision of what they want, I start a virtual walk through of it. It’s what I was born to do. Recently I finished a badass music video ‘The Stars’ By Sarah Smith. I love the song and was so honored to be the one to direct it. I listened to her ideas of what the song meant to her, coupled with being inspired by the song, and then movie magic. We connected as artists on a mission and she trusted in my process and ability. I told her story on film.  That’s what I do, one frame of photography, or lots of frames in a video. It’s an honor everyday to work with people and helping to realize their goals. In the end, I have a piece of art I can be proud of and I helped put something good out in the world.”

The Stars by Sarah Smith.

Women’s Travel Fest 2015 is here in San Francisco, CA!

Womens Travel Fest

Open, Open Open! Lets see. I’m a woman. I like to Travel… and the Women’s Travel Fest 2015 is here in San Francisco, CA!
Go! Girl Guides. I’m on it!
Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 9:00 AM –
Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 5:00 PM
San Francisco, CA



By the way Author Patricia Schultz will be here I can’t wait to ask her more hot tips.

Here’s what she said about 5 places.


For lesbian Travel Check out: Girlpages Travel

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Insider Video Empty Streets Haiti’s Gas crisis

Insider Video at the near empty streets of Haiti’s Gas crisis. This is what it looks today by the people who actually live there, and how gas effects a community.  My brother is in Haiti 3 years now and lives where the video was taken.

Haiti Gas Crisis 2015 Photo HaitiXchange
Haiti Gas Crisis 2015 Photo HaitiXchange


In case the video is not showing here’s a link to it…
“A street view of Port-au-Prince during the gas strike on Monday, February 9, 2015. New rounds of transportations strikes have cripples Port-au-Prince yet again. People are protesting gas prices which are high despite despite low gas prices on the international market. This new round of strikes has been announced to show dissatisfaction with the Haitian government’s 20 Gourde decrease announced last week after the initial gas strikes. This time, I’ve decided to go out into the streets to take a look at how things were going.”
Map of area the video was taken.
This is how the news covers the crisis…
In the meantime. My brother has helped many people start their own business. If you go to the area support Minouche’s Cafe Bar / Resto.  All the charm of La Ganave. Haitian Women Owned & Operated. Of course the businesses on the Island should be effected with the crisis too. But they don’t have a lot of transportation there anyway.

One Month to Live Author Patricia Schultz gives us 5 places to go. PostcardTravelers

One Month to Live Author Patricia Schultz gives us 5 places to go. -PostcardTravelers

1000 Places Patrica Shults

Patricia Schultz is the Author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers; 1000 places to see before you die. She gives us five Hot Tips if you only have a month to live. You wont believe what she says! Host; Photographer, Filmmaker Stacy Poulos www.PostcardTravelers.com
Get the book:
Music; Connie M. Gaxiola

Patricia Shults Chicks Rock Girlpages Network

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OMG, OMG, OMG Junior travel vlogger, me, and master travel guru Rick Steves!

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OMG, OMG, OMG! Where do I start. Well for me I measure ‘my’ success, in the places I have gone. So when I sit and watch a guy like Rick Steve’s on TV I can’t help but admire his life enriched by travel. I barley got through the door of the Travel and Adventure Show, and he walks up to ask a question. There I am, in the back of my mind thinking of my bucket list and Rick Steve’s name is on it of people to meet, dumbfounded on what to say to ‘the guy’ of travel. I introduce myself, tell him how I admire him and his show and ask if we can get a selfie. So the 6 foot somethin’ obliges, takes my cell phone to take the photo-since he had the longer arms. So there we were; Junior travel vlogger and master travel guru, THE guy. I didn’t know what hit me. That‘s how my day started at the show. Being in a place that everyone shared the same passion to travel, i.e. get the best out of life. Was something special. From Expeditions you can only dream to be on, to small town business associations presenting their towns unique adventure experience, from wine and dine, to white rapid adventures, rock climbing and many more. What a job to have, giving people an awakening of life. Experiences people will remember the rest of their life.

Anyway, it’s different to go here. You get the opportunity to meet some of the ground floor people and ask questions about the destinations you want to go by people who have been there. Travel celebrities, taste the foods of other cultures, see some entertainment. Some of my favorite exhibitors were, of course, Catalina Island Chamber Of Commerce (my people), Calaveras County visitors bureau and Cave and Mine Adventures. Which I have done and it’s bad ass, a bucket list must do.Travel and Adventure Show Rock climbing Pick-pocket proof pants, and many more. But my new best friend is Lorine… Alaska Marine Highway System to tour the Inside Passage ! 35 and 60 dollar ferry rides in the worlds most famous glacier park area! Trust me, I will be getting back to this subject and giving you the inside scoop. In the meantime get to the show, Sunday’s the last day in the SF Bay Area but there are other shows coming up in San Diego, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and Dallas. Right now I’m so tired from rock climbing next to some half pint that passed me up. Peace out for now. XOXO thanks for a great day!



-Stacy Poulos Postcard Travelers Adventure Magazine

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Travel and Adventure Show Returns to the Bay Area

Travel and Adventure Show 2015 Schedule

The Most Exciting Travel Show Returns to the Bay Area and I will be there to get the scoop. Tickets available on line or at the door. My mentor Rick Steves will be there to name a few. The interesting thing about going to expo events like these is how excited you get when you’re surrounded by things you love. Who doesn’t love to travel?  Santa Clara Convention Center.

February 7-8, 2015

travelshowdatesEvent Description; The Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show is where travel lovers come for travel inspiration, expert information and fun, cultural interaction. It’s where you’ll discover thousands of authentic travel experiences and speak directly to the travel experts who can get you there, give you the inside scoop, and save you money on exclusive travel deals.

Host, Rick Steves’ Europe, Samantha Brown, Travel Channel Host, Peter Greenberg, Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and producer and CBS News Travel

Link to event http://travelshows.com

Stacy Poulos PostcardTravelers.com Adventure Magazine

Get the 2015 calendars:

Bay Area Water Front


Your invited to the ‘Art Exhibit Featuring Stacy Poulos Photography’

Btw did you see the Sarah Smith Music ‘The Stars’ Music Video I produced in December? It was shot in the  Presidio Park San Francisco: http://youtu.be/0g3fP-qqvII

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Utah Adventure 2014 Clinging to To Life

My Greatest Utah Adventure. I LOVE Red Rocks!


Our first stop on this road trip was Zion National Park, in the end was also one of my favorites! I wanted to dwarf all my friends adventure experiences in life, including her jumping out of a airplane. So I found a very cool and dangerous hike to Angels Landing, starting from the Grotto Bus Stop. Apparently I succeeded.

TIP: Here is the trail map. I recommend getting a earlier start. Bring plenty of water, a head light (sun goes down much sooner in the mountains, night clothing) tp, walkie-talkies, hiking/climbing boots, climbing gloves. Give your self extra time, these are steep climbs.  Also check for Park alerts like flash flooding, etc. If your afraid of heights, well a 1,400 foot drop on both sides of you will leave you breathless. Check to see the last bus leaving. There is a fee to get in the park, during seasonal hours only buses are allowed in and are free. I did get a tip they don’t like to advertise that the Ranger dose a last sweep through the park on the road for people like us who miss calculated everything. There are no cabs or cell phone receptions. Below you may find my videos a little entertaining about my experience clinging to life and walk back in the dark. Ps, 9 people have die on this hike.

Another tip: I would take the bus to the end to see the over all park, then back to the Grotto, it’s free with your entry fee and there is a tour guide talking about the history. The bast part is when you take photos you don’t have a boat load of cars in the photo and it just better all the way around.

Here’s a link to

Park maps

By Stacy Poulos ©2014 PostcardTravelers.com
Fan me for updates

Here was the over all trip and plan…

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Hanging out with Zion Bugs

Ps I won the beer. Even though she insisted it was for ‘who got to the top’, not ‘back to the bus stop’. One way or another I shared it cuz that’s how I roll. More to come!

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A photographer's Journey by Stacy Poulos