Utah Adventure 2014 Clinging To Life

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My Greatest Utah Adventure. I LOVE Red Rocks!


Our first stop on this road trip was Zion National Park, in the end was also one of my favorites! I wanted to dwarf all my friends adventure experiences in life, including her jumping out of a airplane. So I found a very cool and dangerous hike to Angels Landing, starting from the Grotto Bus Stop. Apparently I succeeded.

TIP: Here is the trail map. I recommend getting a earlier start. Bring plenty of water, a head light (sun goes down much sooner in the mountains, night clothing) tp, walkie-talkies, hiking/climbing boots, climbing gloves. Give your self extra time, these are steep climbs.  Also check for Park alerts like flash flooding, etc. If your afraid of heights, well a 1,400 foot drop on both sides of you will leave you breathless. Check to see the last bus leaving. There is a fee to get in the park, during seasonal hours only buses are allowed in and are free. I did get a tip they don’t like to advertise that the Ranger dose a last sweep through the park on the road for people like us who miss calculated everything. There are no cabs or cell phone receptions. Below you may find my videos a little entertaining about my experience clinging to life and walk back in the dark. Ps, 9 people have die on this hike.

Another tip: I would take the bus to the end to see the over all park, then back to the Grotto, it’s free with your entry fee and there is a tour guide talking about the history. The bast part is when you take photos you don’t have a boat load of cars in the photo and it just better all the way around.

Here’s a link to

Park maps

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Here was the over all trip and plan…

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Hanging out with Zion Bugs

Ps I won the beer. Even though she insisted it was for ‘who got to the top’, not ‘back to the bus stop’. One way or another I shared it cuz that’s how I roll. More to come!

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