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🎥 👻Spud Island Shipwreck Delta CA 🇺🇸| By Stacy Poulos PostcardTravelers

After 2 years of planning and a 2nd attempt to find it on the Delta, I finally found my Shipwreck! For now it’s the ‘Spud Island Shipwreck’ since there are no markings and I can’t find any information on it. It will officially be the ‘Spud Island Shipwreck’. On the way to the wreck #CaptainBonnie (Bonnie Nasworthy Jones) pointed out a sunken city. I call ‘Jones Track Ghost Town’, an abandoned sunken Ghost Town. It consists of a few floating (or not floating) buildings and house boats abandoned by a man who left them behind to live in Costa Rica. Now the Delta  is slowly swallowing them up. It’s definitely a ominous Ghostly scene. I took many photos of both locations. I didn’t get to spend as much time flying over them for my battery only lasted 10 minutes.  rrr. Anyway, what a journey! Thank you Captin Bonnie for being such a brave, patient and great caption to get me there and back safely through the twisted and dangerous areas of the Delta and San Joaquin River! Stand by for the video ‘Journey to Spud Island Shipwreck’ and keep and eye out for my photography from the trip. www.PostcardTravelers.com by Stacy Poulos & Eye Fly Cinematography
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This video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/InY-7H_q1z0
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