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By Stacy Poulos ©2010 A Photographer's Journey: Category Archive for Europe

Europe 2001 Paris and going home Augest 10, 2001.

Europe 2001 Brussels, Belgium hot spot Manikin Piss!

Europe 2001 Amsterdam, Holland; Red lights and Magic Mushrooms.

Europe 2001 Berlin, Germany; on the midnight train from Hell!

Europe 2001 Munich, Germany and some, the first Nazi German concentration camp.

Europe 2001 Venice, Italy Holy land of churches.

Europe 2001 Mykonos, Greece, He said, you can walk every where, I’m thinkin’ what does he consider walking distance?

Europe 2001 Santorini, Greece, Santorini is clean, pure, and beautiful.

Europe 2001 Roma, Italy and Gstaad, Einrichtungsgebuehr Auenue in Switzerland, Swerland, Swicherland

Europe 2001 Bern; Switzerland July 4, 2001. E equles MC squared.

Europe 2001 Paris, France. July 1, 2001. & Bern, Switzerland, does anyone speak English, so I can use this ËËÈing card!?

Europe 2001 Start here, Innies & Outies, Onezy-Twozy’s - Intro To Europe


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